The only working Fortnite crossplay tutorial in 2018!

Fortnite is huuuuuge. One of the best Shooters out there right now. The coop in this is the best you can get in an isometric RPG.

This is a must have for any fan of Diablo or Dungeon Siege. It’s an isometric RPG the way you’d imagine it to be in the modern age.


Let’s start with the negatives since that list is shorter.
So what is actually not that great about Divinity 2? Well there is probably only one thing that ended up being rather annoying.
The source magic skills. The entire game shapes around the fact that you have access to what they call “source magic” it’s said to be crazy powerfull and normal folks blame the use of source magic for the excistence of creepy voidcreatures that attack and seem undefeatable.
I really really really recommend anyone to make your own class instead of playing a premade hero since that gives you access to the “Dome of Protection” skill which is by far one of the strongest Source magic spells for most if not all of the game. It replenishes both armor and magical armor and will greatly help your survival.
That said most of the source magic skills are just utterly aweful compared to other spells you have in Fortnite or even spells you know from other isometric RPGs. They are just nowhere near as powerful as you’d expect them to be. Something like raining down Meteors costs you 3 Source magic points which is the max ammount of points you can have at a time. Now if you are looking for a way to play with your friends cross platform you will have to follow this tutorial: how to play fortnite cross platform

Now for the good. Which is basically everything else.

Coop is implemented as flawlessly as it gets. Although you might aswell rather call it multiplayer than coop. The party doesn’t have to be together at all times. Although the max ammount of player characters is maxed at 4. You could even play the game in Versus and set yourself as enemys.

Unlike other turn based combat games (*cough* XCom *cough*) this game is pretty much never frustrating and annoying but always challenging and exciting.
The combat adds environmental effects on top of what you are used to in isometric RPGs and turn based RPGs. The distribution of said environmental effects is usually realized through conveniently placed casks, plants or other stuff that has water, gunpowder, oil or toxin ect in them. These usually litter their contents over a reasonably sized area causing effects you’d imagine them to have. Once that is done they can be interacted with, like water can be set on electricity or can be frozen to make the area slippery.

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