The best way to get a free ps plus

I recommend this to new players:

  1. Watch some YouTube videos to get familiar with the mechanics of the game
  2. Pick your character
  3. learn some key moves in training mode (quick moves for punishing/counter hitting, big damage launchers or combos, lows/throws for pokes/mix ups) (there are resources for this, eg on reddit)
  4. Play against some bots until comfortable
  5. Play Ranked! (which is better for new players, because it matches you up with other new players, whereas quick play matches you with anyone)

I picked a wrestler with a jaguar mask doing jaguar noises doing those steps and got into playstation really quickly. Now guys if you want to play ranked you have to use this youtube guide: free playstation plus

As a new player you have to keep this mentality in mind: Don’t play to win, but play to learn! That way you can get better at the game and be rewarded with satisfying wins against eddys who spam two buttons (we all know that guy…)

Keep sticking with the game and you will pick up more techniques and knowledge on the way. You will eventually get to a level to really appreciate the depth and enjoy the game to its fullest. This is really tough but a lot players still play this game because there is not much like it.
Some people said that the game is dead, but that is simply not true. At least europe is alive and well.

Casual playing

That being said, you don’t have to invest a thousand years training to enjoy this game though. Casual matches with friends and a couple beers can be really fun too. Rage Arts give every player the opportunity to dish out some big damage and the slow-mo mechanic is sure to generate some serious hype.


If you want to buy this game for the singleplayer mode only, then I can not recommend this game to you. If you want to experience a fighting game with deep mechanics though, then by all means go for it.


Man does jaguar noises, rolls around, kills me 5/7

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