Someone figured out how to crossplay fortnite!

The multiplayer work in a weird way and that is fine, you learn how to make it work.. but OMG, so many instability, me, my friends and other player (randos) keep just droping out of the online session.. that can happen about 3~4 times in a single freaking quest. It is infuriating when you are about 15 minutes deep in a fight with your friends and all of a sudden you are alone, fighting this freaking dragon, you left your friend down and is simply fu*ked as you are now alone and the dificulty is set to multiplayer even tho you are now solo.


Until this instabilities are fixed I simply cannot recommend this game if you have intentions of playing online..and that sucks, really, the game is really good and would be praised as such if there wasnt this major problem. In fortnite you can crossplay using this youtube guide: Fortnite Crossplay WORKING PS4 ➡ Xbox! How to Cross Platform Play Fortnite Turorial!


I have never played this series, but honeslty I am pretty dissappointed in this game after reading all of the reviews. If you are looking for an intuitive game, this is NOT the game for you. The controls are pretty clunky and sloooooow. You are supposed to hunt monsters but you have no idea how much health they have or if you even stand a chance against them. The main quests are timed which kills the open world aspect, no time to stop and gather items, kill other creatures, etc. Boo on the timed quests. If you are looking for a game where you have to Google everything to figure out how to play, craft, use items, ammo, etc. then by all means…play it. I just got sick of chasing a monster, battling it, then chasing it again, then battling it, then chasing it about 6 more times, to then get killed by a 2nd monster that wandered into the area and me faint, and then you have to start all over. Oh, and dont get me started on whatever the hell the weapon level tree is..yah, that makes zero sense at all and at this point I am sick of googling everything instead of actually playing the game. I have played Dark Souls, The Witcher Series, Elder Scrolls, Far Cry series, Assasins Creed series, World of Warcarft, Rift, Guild Wars 1 & 2 and a bazillion other RPG’s, MMORPG’s & Open World games… It sucks that in order to really see if you like the game, you are more than 3 hours into the game (tutorial takes about 2 hours). In my opinion, dont buy the game, it was a waste of $60 for me.

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