Sim City BuildIt Review

One of the best games I have played. Been playing since WAY before this came to steam. If you arent quite nerdy enough for Dwarf Fortress, but still love the chaos and the stories a game can generate.. this game is for you. Randy Random set my base on fire, but then smashed some cargopods full of milk into my fields…. so thanks randy. I love Sim City. I have spent more time in this game than any game in a while and I am still learning. I almost wish this colony would die so I could start another, but someday it will! A little bit of a learning curve but that is a good thing. Be prepared to spend hours getting your colony built up. If you are looking at playing it I would use this youtube guide for free simcash: simcity buildit hack

Simply one of the best Sim City games I have ever played. It’s a sandbox survival/micromanagement game. You start with a couple survivors, crash landing on a distant, inhabitable planet. Supplies are thin, hope is nill. Try to rebuild by harvesting the planets natural resources, while making war or peace with the natives. Do you want to live in a peaceful society that seeks to sell manufactured goods? Do you want to be desert-dwelling cannibals that produce hard drugs? Do you want to have an army of Yorkshire Terriers defend your colony? Do it!

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