Season 9 Battle Pass – Worth a Buy?

This game is essentially a much improved PUBG. It is undoubtedly fun and the quick addition of a server browser allows fast matchmaking with your map and ping of choice. They also gave away 10000 gold to compensate for losses due to glitches and that is a significant amount and well appreciated.

While season 9 is amazingly fun I am incredibly frustrated with matchmaking and server issues which nearly kills this game off for me. Getting desync and lag is standard with most multiplayer games but the everyday or nearly everyday patches to this game force me to uninstall, verify integrity of game files, restart steam and PC multiple times and cause so many issues just trying to play that it is not worth it anymore. While fortnite is free to play, you can purchase in-game items like the bpass, however there are tutorials on youtube like this one to get it for free:

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