Is fortnite save the world all that great?

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

This game is still not ready for prime time. Hell it isn’t even ready for day time tv or 5am reruns.

– Some questlines cannot be completed due to the randomisation bugging out (in my scenario I have to plug my science
officers brain in to a PC that is in a building buried and entirely filled in undercround). Now, to be fair with this review, i did get it stw for free… here’s the video: fortnite save the world free

– The in game manuel does a poor job of explaining concepts. Or in the case of base building, how pieces work together.

– Base construction is beyond fiddly. You have dozens of pieces to choose from, but the peices only ‘connect’ with a 1/3 of
the asorted pieces.
The marker you use to ‘stake your claim’ for your base cannot be moved.
If you choose to move your base you (or at least I did) loose more than 1/2 of your invested resources; the game doesn’t
even tell you that you CAN reclaim these resources.
If you do finish building a base you are happy with and modify the terrain the game will only save 1/3 of the terrain
modifications turning your beautifully craftd home into swiss cheese.
You will always require base materials to make the most trivial thing and there is no way for these resources to be auto
acquired of acquired more easily.

– The teleport machanic is a welcome change yet if you want to travel back your base the game ‘ports you back to the
base marker rather than the item you spent so long creating.

– The biggest and most frustrating thing that has been around is the inventory system. You are constently fighting iwth
either spare or reclaiming / recalling resources from ether a container, ship orfreighter. How this wasn’t #1 on the 1st
patch is beyond me.

Call me again in maybe another 2 patches.

The best way to get a free ps plus

I recommend this to new players:

  1. Watch some YouTube videos to get familiar with the mechanics of the game
  2. Pick your character
  3. learn some key moves in training mode (quick moves for punishing/counter hitting, big damage launchers or combos, lows/throws for pokes/mix ups) (there are resources for this, eg on reddit)
  4. Play against some bots until comfortable
  5. Play Ranked! (which is better for new players, because it matches you up with other new players, whereas quick play matches you with anyone)

I picked a wrestler with a jaguar mask doing jaguar noises doing those steps and got into playstation really quickly. Now guys if you want to play ranked you have to use this youtube guide: free playstation plus

As a new player you have to keep this mentality in mind: Don’t play to win, but play to learn! That way you can get better at the game and be rewarded with satisfying wins against eddys who spam two buttons (we all know that guy…)

Keep sticking with the game and you will pick up more techniques and knowledge on the way. You will eventually get to a level to really appreciate the depth and enjoy the game to its fullest. This is really tough but a lot players still play this game because there is not much like it.
Some people said that the game is dead, but that is simply not true. At least europe is alive and well.

Casual playing

That being said, you don’t have to invest a thousand years training to enjoy this game though. Casual matches with friends and a couple beers can be really fun too. Rage Arts give every player the opportunity to dish out some big damage and the slow-mo mechanic is sure to generate some serious hype.


If you want to buy this game for the singleplayer mode only, then I can not recommend this game to you. If you want to experience a fighting game with deep mechanics though, then by all means go for it.


Man does jaguar noises, rolls around, kills me 5/7

Dragon Ball Legends The best DRAGON BALL GAME YET?

Well, after playing this game a lot I decided to write a review (although I do not usually do it) and give it negative score, although I must admit that it’s maybe a bit too harsh. This game has its qualities. Especially on the arts side (music, graphics, the world design, etc. ) it’s simply marvelous. It also has deep, complex combat system, that in theory looks awesome. But not in practice — more on this below.

Many criticisms of this game boil down to simple statement: Explorer mode is much too easy, but Classic mode is way too hard. There is a lack of “sweet spot” in difficulty between the two. But I do not think this is really the problem. I’ve beaten it at Classic and got as much fun as frustration and annoyance during that. So there isn’t a problem with difficulty, but rather irritating game design mistakes the developers made. A few examples: dragon ball legends cheats

– The AI cheats and certain mechanics are unfair. For example, there is a Charm spell which makes enemies to fight on your side for short time – but enemies also can use it on you. When enemy charms you, AI takes away the control from you over your character but if you charm the enemy, the game will not give you the control over them. And the AI behavior differs. Charmed enemy characters frequently just skip turns or flee, while your characters will either attack your party, or senselessly waste your resources (potions, scrolls, SP). This is obvious cheating. Similar problem is with Taunt ability.

– Dragon Ball Legends tries extremely hard to be “physical” in restricting your casting and ranged abilities. The target must be in sight, the path must not be interrupted, etc. This looks cool on paper, but really leads only to some tedious gameplay. Isometric perspective is not convenient to judge spatial relations like this with required precision and you constantly are forced to adjust your position by trial and error – but every movement costs action points. So you must frequently save and reload if movement result is not right. Basically the only effect on gameplay of this “cool mechanics” is forcing save/reload scumming. “The Pawn” talent fixes it, but consumes one talent slot which are very few. This should be enabled by default. In addition to the above, terrain navmeshes are buggy and often the game thinks the path is blocked although visually it is not.