NBA 2k19 Mobile Review

I would recommend this game to people that are waiting for a review on the game.


This is in my opinion the best 2k mycareer story that 2k has ever done. If you look back on the other 2k games 2k19,s mycareer story outbeats them. Also ATM (LuMoney) from last years 2k game has come back into NBA 2K19!


The play now option is simmaler to the one we had last year (2k18) just the NBA players on the menu are updated. I got the game here: nba 2k19 mobile


(back in 2k18) Did anyone else hate when your just shooting around and the AI wont pass the ball from beyond half court? Well now in 2k19 they will allow you to pass the ball from beyond halfcourt. Now you could practice half court shots/full court shots.


Myteam is the only bad thing about the game in my opinion

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