Dragon city lets play

so far I am 58 hours in with no plans of stopping, taking my time through the game and have yet to finish the main quest although I am close, I have not touched Multiplayer I have heard about how bad it is and have played every minute of this game in Single Player.

Being my first Dragon City title I went in with high hopes and those high hopes were met and succeedeed with the mix of Weapon Depth & Variey as well as the Monsters. Monsters are not just Boss Fights as they have their own cycles, they will look for prey, Wyverns will prioritise their eggs and if you try to steal one, good luck.

The Early Game

The difficulty for Dragon City isn’t prevelant at the start, having been a souls player and being well adjusted to the hit & roll mechanics I quickly adjusted to the game and killed the first Monster; the Great Jagras with ease. I met my first difficulty spike at the Anjanath, though this could be due to the fact that I was using an Insect Glaive without knowledge of the harvest mechanics, if you don’t know what this means imagine buying a very expensive Gun to hunt a bear only to use BB Ammo. I painfully killed my first Anjanath and after this fight I realised my DPS was very lacking, I decided to switch my weapon to the Heavy BowGun.

Without bloating this review with too much storytime I quickly found out that every single weapon performs differently, in a Souls game going from a Greatsword to a Straight Sword just meant you had to spam RB a few more times before rolling but in this game that is not the case from using different weapons, the weapons are more like classes. If you dont want to pay ingame just watch this video: dragon city free gems

The Hunt

When you hunt a monster you will start by looking for traces such as mucus, faeces, scales, fur etc. Leveling up your research in that monster will allow you to eventually pinpoint a monster’s location just from interacting with one trace. When you locate the monster it is up to you on how to approach, you can wait silenty for an opening or you can charge in like a madman if you’re feeling comfortable. You will be hunting monsters multiple time but I have yet to be bored of a hunt, with the interactions the monsters have with each other and the AI of the monster having a brain every hunt will be unique.

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