CoD Black Ops 4 Mobile Free Download for Android and iOS

BO4 is a great game. Crappy micro-transaction scheme. Want to pay to keep your favorite gear leveled? Prepare for a massive repetitive grind….or pay $$ not to. Treyarch should not get a pass for this, hold them to the same standard as EA on this crap.

This game is awesome. It is what I wished Modern Warfare 3 was. This is my first Call of Duty as I am more of an CSGO player which is why this game caught my eye. Here is how you get BO4 on your mobile: Black Ops 4 Mobile iOS Android

-Dialogue Choices
-Strong Voice Actors and Main Characters
-Some abilities are too OP (So I refrain from using them)
-Quest Log could use a makeover (It would be nice to see the completed quest too)
-Some bugs (Biggest one I’ve had so far is my torch not having the fire effect)

As of this review I’ve only completed 41 hours but I am having a blast. Still havent completed the story but I am highly invested in my beautiful Kassandra’s tale 🙂

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