Black Ops 4 Zombies Guide

One of the worst games ever or even the worst…Matchmaking is random, you could encounter a killer with 700 hours when you’ve been playing the game for 40 hours. Black Ops 4 Zombies with the latest patch killers got buffed even though the killers should have been nerfed since lots of people camp like hell with them. Really unoptimized also, nearly no graphic settings at all, but that’s just a small thing considering the gameplay experience itself, which is horrible. I honestly don’t recommend this game, it’s also really overpriced and it’s not worth it at all, you can try it if you want or buy it at a promotion, but you’re better off. You can get the zombies download here: zombies apk

The most rewarding online experience I have had, the learning curve of this game is enormous.
In the 1000+ hours I have across PC and Xbox I am learning new spots, tricks, metas daily – A testament to how unique this game is, and how unique every round shapes up to play.

I would not recommend this game full price for completely new players, try it on a free weekend and try to find a squad for maximum enjoyment (or despair).

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