The best way to get yourself free skins on fortnite

Fortnite is lit and for all the negative reviews about FPS or stutters, it takes 10 seconds to google it and you’ll easily find that reverting to an old nvidia driver helps A LOT. BUT EVEN THEN don’t expect to play this game on your school comp jesus christ. I have several buddies managing to play this game smooth 60 fps with a gtx 960 and that is the fact of the matter. This game deserves way more than 50% reviews.

Anyway another matter to adress is the mouse and keyboard. I’ve tried both mouse and keyboard AND a controller and I honestly like them both enough to switch between them depending on what I’m feeling like but mostly when I use a light bowgun for the mouse aiming. So if you refunded because you dont have a controller I’m basically saying you’re a doofus. How about you press ESC and edit some keybinds or general keyboard settings. You can set up the radial menu however you like with some simple on/off settings.

My favorite aspect of Fortnite is cosmetic skins that are available to purchase, however it can get costly 🙁 But I do know of this youtube clip that shows how to get those free skins… here it is here: How to get free skins in fortnite

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