Smallfoot Movie Review – It is worth a watch?

Smallfoot is the best movie i have ever played! its funny, its cute, its beautiful, the music/graphics/design/story is awesome, its heartbreaking, its sad, its shocking, its horrifying, its breathtaking, its challenging i can go on forever this movie has EVERYTHING! i have never cried this much to a movie ever. you can buy this movie at full price and its worth all the money. if you have a fully functional computer than this movie wont crash very often, for me it has crashed 2 times. its not fair too say this movie isnt good or worth because of some crashes and small bugs because it is. if your movie is not working as it should(crqashing alot and so on) then something is wrong with your computer or got some wrong settings on, not the movie(i have been through it, as soon i fixed my computer, the movie stoped crashing). so if you are thinking of buying this movie DO IT i promise you wont regret it! I watched the movie for free on my new iphone x, some dude on youtube made a tutorial how to watch it for free: smallfoot full movie online free

The story was anticlimactic for the finale to the triology, the main character (Lebron) was emotionless throughout most of it as if the actress was not really into this game, felt as if she just got the lines and read them without any context of the story. I still however enjoy Smallfoot, definitely worth taking the kids to movies to go see it 🙂

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