CoD Black Ops 4 Mobile Free Download for Android and iOS

BO4 is a great game. Crappy micro-transaction scheme. Want to pay to keep your favorite gear leveled? Prepare for a massive repetitive grind….or pay $$ not to. Treyarch should not get a pass for this, hold them to the same standard as EA on this crap.

This game is awesome. It is what I wished Modern Warfare 3 was. This is my first Call of Duty as I am more of an CSGO player which is why this game caught my eye. Here is how you get BO4 on your mobile: Black Ops 4 Mobile iOS Android

-Dialogue Choices
-Strong Voice Actors and Main Characters
-Some abilities are too OP (So I refrain from using them)
-Quest Log could use a makeover (It would be nice to see the completed quest too)
-Some bugs (Biggest one I’ve had so far is my torch not having the fire effect)

As of this review I’ve only completed 41 hours but I am having a blast. Still havent completed the story but I am highly invested in my beautiful Kassandra’s tale 🙂

NBA 2k19 Mobile Review

I would recommend this game to people that are waiting for a review on the game.


This is in my opinion the best 2k mycareer story that 2k has ever done. If you look back on the other 2k games 2k19,s mycareer story outbeats them. Also ATM (LuMoney) from last years 2k game has come back into NBA 2K19!


The play now option is simmaler to the one we had last year (2k18) just the NBA players on the menu are updated. I got the game here: nba 2k19 mobile


(back in 2k18) Did anyone else hate when your just shooting around and the AI wont pass the ball from beyond half court? Well now in 2k19 they will allow you to pass the ball from beyond halfcourt. Now you could practice half court shots/full court shots.


Myteam is the only bad thing about the game in my opinion

Smallfoot Movie Review – It is worth a watch?

Smallfoot is the best movie i have ever played! its funny, its cute, its beautiful, the music/graphics/design/story is awesome, its heartbreaking, its sad, its shocking, its horrifying, its breathtaking, its challenging i can go on forever this movie has EVERYTHING! i have never cried this much to a movie ever. you can buy this movie at full price and its worth all the money. if you have a fully functional computer than this movie wont crash very often, for me it has crashed 2 times. its not fair too say this movie isnt good or worth because of some crashes and small bugs because it is. if your movie is not working as it should(crqashing alot and so on) then something is wrong with your computer or got some wrong settings on, not the movie(i have been through it, as soon i fixed my computer, the movie stoped crashing). so if you are thinking of buying this movie DO IT i promise you wont regret it! I watched the movie for free on my new iphone x, some dude on youtube made a tutorial how to watch it for free: smallfoot full movie online free

The story was anticlimactic for the finale to the triology, the main character (Lebron) was emotionless throughout most of it as if the actress was not really into this game, felt as if she just got the lines and read them without any context of the story. I still however enjoy Smallfoot, definitely worth taking the kids to movies to go see it 🙂

My Spotify 2018 Review + Free Premium Guide

It breaks my heart… It breaks it so much to put a negative review to such an awesome app, such a masterpiece… My only reason for this negative review is the god damn patches that make the app crash and also the ads that play if you are a free user

I’ve put in almost 40 hours into Spotify before writing this review. I do not recommend this app. While there are some great elements and fun aspects to the audio mechanics and i’m for difficult fights. Some of the core mechanics lack of gameplay polish shine pretty high.

-The menus are atrocious.. Like.. The worst I’ve experienced in a app before. In the middle of a song, it is just hard to use.
-The monsters act like monsters and behave wildly which is awesome. But your character acts and moves like an overweight marathon runner. The animation delays are so hilariously punishing it doesn’t encourage learning.
-The menus.. My God, I have to mention them again. Horrendous.

What can be said for spotify, is the super large range of music selection as well as its always up to date with the latest song charts that are quite accurate!

So why the negative review? Well, it costs money to actually use the app properly. The spotify premium is 100% needed to be able to listen to your favorite songs without a stupid ad ruining your playlist. Luckily I found a guy on youtube that can you it for free. Watch it here: spotify premium free


Fortnite on your PS3? Yes it’s possible!

This game looks beautiful, best graphics ive seen in an Battle Royale the combat is great aswell if you dont like the grind than dont get this game because you are going to have to grind a TON of silver to get gear not only that but after hitting level 50 its mainly PvP based which can be a good thing or a bad thing but will make grinding a bit harder but aside from that i totally recommend this game to anyone who likes pvp or doesn’t mind it at all. Also there is a guide how you can play fortnite on your ps3 here: fortnite ps3

Support for this game for everything from bugs to blatant cheating has been unacceptably slow. Large numbers of hackers migrated from blatant aimbots and teleportation hacks to being able to see through walls and fire without recoil, while dialing back aimbots to smaller cones and usually disabling autofire. This game will and deserves to die en masse as everyone migrates to one of the numerous battle royale games scheduled to come out from a developer who is capable of basic competency with post game support.

Fortnite is decent but i still strongly recommand a ranking system in this game, so pro will fight pros while lower skilled players can play with each other, so that the match can be more fair.

My Fortnite September Review

There is so much to learn with this experience, so I recommend it for everyone who is interested in a great story, with a good adventure inside the depths of human mind. This is not a classic Battle Royale with HP, stamina, or any status, skills or a complex combat and various types of weapons, because this game takes one moment in the life of the character, so the progress is linear and subtle. It demands an accured perception and sensitivity to see this progress to the end of the game, but its stunnishing in the end. And if anyone here wants to talk about this game and it’s thoroughness, feel free to add me and let’s talk about our experience! I want to know about other games like this one if they exist. ^^ Oh and you get the free skins here: How to get Skull Trooper Skin & Scythe for FREE on Fortnite!

I dont understand why this is still so buggy. im not going to sign up to an account just to report bugs. currently i have the talent pet pal but it doesnt work and therefor a wasted talent. i have a free talent because i cant find anything else thats useful rn but i cant relearn pet pal cause it says its still there… it happend as i arrived to reapers coast after the rediculous boat battle. enemies can shoot thru various walls and somehow able to shoot up hill at you when they clearly cant get vision, and its not an aoe, just a target attack. you try hard to strategize just to find the game wont work as intended. for instance this game is known for using the enviroment and elements to help in battle. low and behold i try to electrocute a puddle i made after using a rainstorm spell cause i couldnt get vision on the target itself (but again it can see me even tho theres a rock jetting out infront of me) but it didnt do anything, waste of AP and changes how the outcome coulda been. this is all in the course of an hour playthough and thats just the ones im remembering. so buggy.

The best way to get yourself free skins on fortnite

Fortnite is lit and for all the negative reviews about FPS or stutters, it takes 10 seconds to google it and you’ll easily find that reverting to an old nvidia driver helps A LOT. BUT EVEN THEN don’t expect to play this game on your school comp jesus christ. I have several buddies managing to play this game smooth 60 fps with a gtx 960 and that is the fact of the matter. This game deserves way more than 50% reviews.

Anyway another matter to adress is the mouse and keyboard. I’ve tried both mouse and keyboard AND a controller and I honestly like them both enough to switch between them depending on what I’m feeling like but mostly when I use a light bowgun for the mouse aiming. So if you refunded because you dont have a controller I’m basically saying you’re a doofus. How about you press ESC and edit some keybinds or general keyboard settings. You can set up the radial menu however you like with some simple on/off settings.

My favorite aspect of Fortnite is cosmetic skins that are available to purchase, however it can get costly 🙁 But I do know of this youtube clip that shows how to get those free skins… here it is here: How to get free skins in fortnite

Dragon city lets play

so far I am 58 hours in with no plans of stopping, taking my time through the game and have yet to finish the main quest although I am close, I have not touched Multiplayer I have heard about how bad it is and have played every minute of this game in Single Player.

Being my first Dragon City title I went in with high hopes and those high hopes were met and succeedeed with the mix of Weapon Depth & Variey as well as the Monsters. Monsters are not just Boss Fights as they have their own cycles, they will look for prey, Wyverns will prioritise their eggs and if you try to steal one, good luck.

The Early Game

The difficulty for Dragon City isn’t prevelant at the start, having been a souls player and being well adjusted to the hit & roll mechanics I quickly adjusted to the game and killed the first Monster; the Great Jagras with ease. I met my first difficulty spike at the Anjanath, though this could be due to the fact that I was using an Insect Glaive without knowledge of the harvest mechanics, if you don’t know what this means imagine buying a very expensive Gun to hunt a bear only to use BB Ammo. I painfully killed my first Anjanath and after this fight I realised my DPS was very lacking, I decided to switch my weapon to the Heavy BowGun.

Without bloating this review with too much storytime I quickly found out that every single weapon performs differently, in a Souls game going from a Greatsword to a Straight Sword just meant you had to spam RB a few more times before rolling but in this game that is not the case from using different weapons, the weapons are more like classes. If you dont want to pay ingame just watch this video: dragon city free gems

The Hunt

When you hunt a monster you will start by looking for traces such as mucus, faeces, scales, fur etc. Leveling up your research in that monster will allow you to eventually pinpoint a monster’s location just from interacting with one trace. When you locate the monster it is up to you on how to approach, you can wait silenty for an opening or you can charge in like a madman if you’re feeling comfortable. You will be hunting monsters multiple time but I have yet to be bored of a hunt, with the interactions the monsters have with each other and the AI of the monster having a brain every hunt will be unique.

The only working Fortnite crossplay tutorial in 2018!

Fortnite is huuuuuge. One of the best Shooters out there right now. The coop in this is the best you can get in an isometric RPG.

This is a must have for any fan of Diablo or Dungeon Siege. It’s an isometric RPG the way you’d imagine it to be in the modern age.


Let’s start with the negatives since that list is shorter.
So what is actually not that great about Divinity 2? Well there is probably only one thing that ended up being rather annoying.
The source magic skills. The entire game shapes around the fact that you have access to what they call “source magic” it’s said to be crazy powerfull and normal folks blame the use of source magic for the excistence of creepy voidcreatures that attack and seem undefeatable.
I really really really recommend anyone to make your own class instead of playing a premade hero since that gives you access to the “Dome of Protection” skill which is by far one of the strongest Source magic spells for most if not all of the game. It replenishes both armor and magical armor and will greatly help your survival.
That said most of the source magic skills are just utterly aweful compared to other spells you have in Fortnite or even spells you know from other isometric RPGs. They are just nowhere near as powerful as you’d expect them to be. Something like raining down Meteors costs you 3 Source magic points which is the max ammount of points you can have at a time. Now if you are looking for a way to play with your friends cross platform you will have to follow this tutorial: how to play fortnite cross platform

Now for the good. Which is basically everything else.

Coop is implemented as flawlessly as it gets. Although you might aswell rather call it multiplayer than coop. The party doesn’t have to be together at all times. Although the max ammount of player characters is maxed at 4. You could even play the game in Versus and set yourself as enemys.

Unlike other turn based combat games (*cough* XCom *cough*) this game is pretty much never frustrating and annoying but always challenging and exciting.
The combat adds environmental effects on top of what you are used to in isometric RPGs and turn based RPGs. The distribution of said environmental effects is usually realized through conveniently placed casks, plants or other stuff that has water, gunpowder, oil or toxin ect in them. These usually litter their contents over a reasonably sized area causing effects you’d imagine them to have. Once that is done they can be interacted with, like water can be set on electricity or can be frozen to make the area slippery.