Sim City BuildIt Review

One of the best games I have played. Been playing since WAY before this came to steam. If you arent quite nerdy enough for Dwarf Fortress, but still love the chaos and the stories a game can generate.. this game is for you. Randy Random set my base on fire, but then smashed some cargopods full of milk into my fields…. so thanks randy. I love Sim City. I have spent more time in this game than any game in a while and I am still learning. I almost wish this colony would die so I could start another, but someday it will! A little bit of a learning curve but that is a good thing. Be prepared to spend hours getting your colony built up. If you are looking at playing it I would use this youtube guide for free simcash: simcity buildit hack

Simply one of the best Sim City games I have ever played. It’s a sandbox survival/micromanagement game. You start with a couple survivors, crash landing on a distant, inhabitable planet. Supplies are thin, hope is nill. Try to rebuild by harvesting the planets natural resources, while making war or peace with the natives. Do you want to live in a peaceful society that seeks to sell manufactured goods? Do you want to be desert-dwelling cannibals that produce hard drugs? Do you want to have an army of Yorkshire Terriers defend your colony? Do it!

Jailbreaking the new iOS

iPhone and iPad owners have always given us an iPhone LO 7 years totally realistic skeuomorphism what through the bypass system on a flat image as a simple (sometimes toxic bright colors) renovated to Back Designs, changes in the user interface, such as drama, alternative for all terror, a new icon. Looking back, he saw during and after the iPhone O7-style shades his eyes down a little easier. In fact, some notable changes occurred nearly all interfaces – but if it was up iksukhaeeul year but fortunately there is no drastic change in the overall system. We will later define as a reminder and occurs more wisely, we would like to mention that a different turn. iPad for two years in a row, moved Control Center. iPhone OS wipe up to 10 place, just made us look to the next iPhone dock She continued to appear to understand who gave up 11; Now you can delete the top right corner of the screen down. make a new series of gestures to unite the tribes of the iPhone interface was clearly invented a home button and requires X product family.

However, there is always a way to jailbreak your device: jailbreak ios 12.1 untethered

there is a small point here: the iPad home button still, they do not separate the upper left and right portions of the notch swipe the screen were rationalized. Most importantly, it is to be crowded at the top of the screen. Now down three functions are activated by the swipe separate from the iPad: Siri where to take your suggested search screen; Call up the notification in the upper-left corner or center; And to the control center in the upper right corner. To get used to it as last year’s X iPhone iPad owners but owners of the products between any of these freebie ‘feel to unnecessary confusion. (Nick launch of the iPad in the future, change the unwanted parts, but could still bar owners of older models. 7 Plus owners are not required to use the movement of the last X iPhone.)

Diablo Immortal Download Guide

So Diablo Immortal was just released today and you can get your hands on a free copy to download via apk or ios download. Here is the guide if you need:

Playing as killer is fun but takes about 10-15 mins to find a game. Survivor can be fun but very rarely this is because the killer can easily get you.
Micheal Myers is one of the killers who were alright to go against until they decided he need to see everyone on the map making it extremely hard to play as a survivor.
Also client side is a big problem with this game because on multiple occasions the killer as swung and hit nothing yet it registers it as a hit rather than a miss.
Finally camping is a big issue with the game and just makes this game boring to play and makes you realise that there isnt much point in trying to save your friends if the camper literally stands next to them.

Diablo Immortal is the best survival and horror game. I will recommend this game to all those people who likes to play survival or horror games because in Diablo we can experience different types of contents, killers, survivors, maps etc. So if anyone trying to buy horror or survival game you can buy Diablo Immortal.

Black Ops 4 Zombies Guide

One of the worst games ever or even the worst…Matchmaking is random, you could encounter a killer with 700 hours when you’ve been playing the game for 40 hours. Black Ops 4 Zombies with the latest patch killers got buffed even though the killers should have been nerfed since lots of people camp like hell with them. Really unoptimized also, nearly no graphic settings at all, but that’s just a small thing considering the gameplay experience itself, which is horrible. I honestly don’t recommend this game, it’s also really overpriced and it’s not worth it at all, you can try it if you want or buy it at a promotion, but you’re better off. You can get the zombies download here: zombies apk

The most rewarding online experience I have had, the learning curve of this game is enormous.
In the 1000+ hours I have across PC and Xbox I am learning new spots, tricks, metas daily – A testament to how unique this game is, and how unique every round shapes up to play.

I would not recommend this game full price for completely new players, try it on a free weekend and try to find a squad for maximum enjoyment (or despair).

CoD Black Ops 4 Mobile Free Download for Android and iOS

BO4 is a great game. Crappy micro-transaction scheme. Want to pay to keep your favorite gear leveled? Prepare for a massive repetitive grind….or pay $$ not to. Treyarch should not get a pass for this, hold them to the same standard as EA on this crap.

This game is awesome. It is what I wished Modern Warfare 3 was. This is my first Call of Duty as I am more of an CSGO player which is why this game caught my eye. Here is how you get BO4 on your mobile: Black Ops 4 Mobile iOS Android

-Dialogue Choices
-Strong Voice Actors and Main Characters
-Some abilities are too OP (So I refrain from using them)
-Quest Log could use a makeover (It would be nice to see the completed quest too)
-Some bugs (Biggest one I’ve had so far is my torch not having the fire effect)

As of this review I’ve only completed 41 hours but I am having a blast. Still havent completed the story but I am highly invested in my beautiful Kassandra’s tale 🙂