My Spotify 2018 Review + Free Premium Guide

It breaks my heart… It breaks it so much to put a negative review to such an awesome app, such a masterpiece… My only reason for this negative review is the god damn patches that make the app crash and also the ads that play if you are a free user

I’ve put in almost 40 hours into Spotify before writing this review. I do not recommend this app. While there are some great elements and fun aspects to the audio mechanics and i’m for difficult fights. Some of the core mechanics lack of gameplay polish shine pretty high.

-The menus are atrocious.. Like.. The worst I’ve experienced in a app before. In the middle of a song, it is just hard to use.
-The monsters act like monsters and behave wildly which is awesome. But your character acts and moves like an overweight marathon runner. The animation delays are so hilariously punishing it doesn’t encourage learning.
-The menus.. My God, I have to mention them again. Horrendous.

What can be said for spotify, is the super large range of music selection as well as its always up to date with the latest song charts that are quite accurate!

So why the negative review? Well, it costs money to actually use the app properly. The spotify premium is 100% needed to be able to listen to your favorite songs without a stupid ad ruining your playlist. Luckily I found a guy on youtube that can you it for free. Watch it here: spotify premium free


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