My Fortnite September Review

There is so much to learn with this experience, so I recommend it for everyone who is interested in a great story, with a good adventure inside the depths of human mind. This is not a classic Battle Royale with HP, stamina, or any status, skills or a complex combat and various types of weapons, because this game takes one moment in the life of the character, so the progress is linear and subtle. It demands an accured perception and sensitivity to see this progress to the end of the game, but its stunnishing in the end. And if anyone here wants to talk about this game and it’s thoroughness, feel free to add me and let’s talk about our experience! I want to know about other games like this one if they exist. ^^ Oh and you get the free skins here: How to get Skull Trooper Skin & Scythe for FREE on Fortnite!

I dont understand why this is still so buggy. im not going to sign up to an account just to report bugs. currently i have the talent pet pal but it doesnt work and therefor a wasted talent. i have a free talent because i cant find anything else thats useful rn but i cant relearn pet pal cause it says its still there… it happend as i arrived to reapers coast after the rediculous boat battle. enemies can shoot thru various walls and somehow able to shoot up hill at you when they clearly cant get vision, and its not an aoe, just a target attack. you try hard to strategize just to find the game wont work as intended. for instance this game is known for using the enviroment and elements to help in battle. low and behold i try to electrocute a puddle i made after using a rainstorm spell cause i couldnt get vision on the target itself (but again it can see me even tho theres a rock jetting out infront of me) but it didnt do anything, waste of AP and changes how the outcome coulda been. this is all in the course of an hour playthough and thats just the ones im remembering. so buggy.

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