Fortnite on your PS3? Yes it’s possible!

This game looks beautiful, best graphics ive seen in an Battle Royale the combat is great aswell if you dont like the grind than dont get this game because you are going to have to grind a TON of silver to get gear not only that but after hitting level 50 its mainly PvP based which can be a good thing or a bad thing but will make grinding a bit harder but aside from that i totally recommend this game to anyone who likes pvp or doesn’t mind it at all. Also there is a guide how you can play fortnite on your ps3 here: fortnite ps3

Support for this game for everything from bugs to blatant cheating has been unacceptably slow. Large numbers of hackers migrated from blatant aimbots and teleportation hacks to being able to see through walls and fire without recoil, while dialing back aimbots to smaller cones and usually disabling autofire. This game will and deserves to die en masse as everyone migrates to one of the numerous battle royale games scheduled to come out from a developer who is capable of basic competency with post game support.

Fortnite is decent but i still strongly recommand a ranking system in this game, so pro will fight pros while lower skilled players can play with each other, so that the match can be more fair.

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