Diablo Immortal Download Guide

So Diablo Immortal was just released today and you can get your hands on a free copy to download via apk or ios download. Here is the guide if you need:

Playing as killer is fun but takes about 10-15 mins to find a game. Survivor can be fun but very rarely this is because the killer can easily get you.
Micheal Myers is one of the killers who were alright to go against until they decided he need to see everyone on the map making it extremely hard to play as a survivor.
Also client side is a big problem with this game because on multiple occasions the killer as swung and hit nothing yet it registers it as a hit rather than a miss.
Finally camping is a big issue with the game and just makes this game boring to play and makes you realise that there isnt much point in trying to save your friends if the camper literally stands next to them.

Diablo Immortal is the best survival and horror game. I will recommend this game to all those people who likes to play survival or horror games because in Diablo we can experience different types of contents, killers, survivors, maps etc. So if anyone trying to buy horror or survival game you can buy Diablo Immortal.

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